How to Cut the Threat of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a serious evil. It is the second common variety of cancer after lung cancer. Breast cancer affects both sexes but the risk is increasing among women. This is because women are getting attached to smoking and drinking and due to that the level of estrogen is mounting in their body. Chances of breast cancer increase with the higher level of estrogen. Though medical science is still away from a sure-shot solution to prevent breast cancer, at least we can take some preventive measures to keep away the dangerous harm.

If breast cancer is detected at early stage, it can be definitely treated. Thus, people must learn about the signs that show possibility of breast cancer. Development of lump is one of the major symptoms of breast cancer. American Cancer Society also backs this fact. It is found that 80% and above cases of breast cancer were caused due to lump development. Apart from lump, other symptoms are bloated underarm lymph swelling, breast inflammation, thickening area around the breast, a dimple in the breast, etc. However, any of these signals does not necessarily turn out to be breast cancer. It is always advised to consult a doctor if you experience one or more of these indications.

To avoid the risk of breast cancer, you have to follow certain routines and cut-down on bad habits.

Avoid Drinking & Smoking – Risk of breast cancer can increase up to 25%, if alcohol is consumed regularly. According to the Harvard Nurses’ Health study, drinking is most common cause for breast cancer. Smoking cigarettes can also cause the disease. Harmful chemical in the cigarettes are absorbed in the body and that leads to breast cancer formation.

Avoid Exposure to Estrogens – If estrogen is taken for a long period, it can lead to breast cancer. Take estrogen drugs only if it is medically prescribed by doctor. Estrogens are also present in industrial chemicals and pesticides, try to avoid these things.

Fruits & Vegetables – There are various fruits and vegetables that work wonders for the prevention of breast cancer. Berries, cherries and citrus have natural ingredients that are good for breast cancer treatment. Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts and broccoli are very good for protection against the disease. Try to have vegetables lightly cooked or raw as the phytochemical-components are ruined by heat. The American Institute of Cancer Research has also mentioned the importance of food and nutrition for the avoidance of breast cancer.

Above all, retain positive attitude towards life. Nothing can put you down!