How to Deal with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A severe pain in the hand is commonly known as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This is caused when the nerve in the hand receives more pressure that it can manage. This nerve is important as it is the one that gives sensation to all the fingers. The syndrome may begin with a jerk or a feeling of electricity passing through your hand followed with a numb sensation and weakness in the wrist. It is more common to women and the pain increases in severity at night.

If you are going through menopause then there is a possibility that you will suffer from this syndrome. The best way to tackle the issue at this stage is to fight back with a healthy diet. Eat a diet that comprises of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat fruits like pineapples, apples, oranges, peaches and melons. These fruits are rich in water and help to maintain your hydration levels while giving you the required vitamins and minerals. You must also eat plenty of green vegetables like spinach and kale. Avoid eating packaged and processed foods and increase your consumption of Vitamin B6. If you are not able to get high doses of the Vitamin from your food then you must consult your doctor about acquiring the Vitamins in the supplement form.

Massage therapy will work like a charm to get rid of the pain. Use Japanese mint oil and massage the hand and pay special attention to the wrist. After massaging the area for a few minutes; wrap the wrist in a warm towel and let in rest for a few minutes. This will help to ease the pain in your wrist and will increase the amount of sensation that you feel. At night you must follow the same massage therapy and instead of a warm wrap use a cold wrap. The cold wrap will helps to reduce the swelling on the arm.

Give your arm as much rest as you can. Use a protective brace when you sleep at night to prevent sleeping over it and causing more damage. Elevate your hand as far as possible to prevent flow of blood to the finger tips; this will decrease the intensity of pain that you experience.