How to Deal with Depression

Depression is bought on by the loss of something or someone, under achievement or various complexities. It is not an uncommon feeling in today’s modern stressful life. It attacks like a virus and is very difficult to get out off. Excessive use of drugs may also trigger feelings of depression.

How to treat a depressed person?

While it is common for a depressed person to want to fly solo; it is important to make sure that he is aware that he has people to support him. Family, close friends and relatives should be in contact with the person and offer their support. You should re act according on the personality of the individual. Never get outsiders like faith healers and quacks to talk or interact with the person.

How to recognize depression?

If a person that is normally cheerful, happy and lively acts in the exact opposite way or shows lesser interest in daily activities then there is a possibility that he person is suffering from depression. Anxiety, fatigue, low blood pressure, lack of concentration, constipation and aches and pains are a few characteristics of people who are depressed. Persons suffering from depression show little to no interest in food, leisure activities and have suicidal tendencies.

Tips to help depression

If you are suffering from depression, you must try and control as many factors in your environment as you can and stay away or eliminate factors that stress you or cause anxiety in your life.

If prescription drugs are causing the mood swings then speak with your doctor. If you are suffering from drug abuse then you must speak with a counselor or seek medical help.

Stick to a healthy balanced diet as much as you can. Eat fruits for breakfast with a tall glass of milk and a few nuts. Lunch must include steamed or boiled vegetables, yogurt or buttermilk and dessert. Have a heavy dinner and exercise after dinner to induce sleep naturally.

Stay away from coffee, colas, teas, chocolates and alcohol.