How to Deal with Impotence with Natural and Herbal Remedies

Impotence is the inability to have intercourse due to lack of an erection. Not getting an erection could be due to various reasons. Apart for from it being very frustrating both for the man as well as for his partner, it is a condition that is not very pleasant and affects a man’s self image. If in a permanent relationship it is important for both partners to understand the situation and not apply pressure which could further worsen the situation.

There are a few things that one can avoid which could help take care of his impotency on its own. If you are a smoker then try to quit the habit as soon as possible. Studies have shown that smoking can cause impotency. Excessive drinking should also be avoided as it has the same result as smoking on the body.

It is important that you and your partner understand each other both mentally as well as physically. Talk about your sexual needs and desires together as a couple and perhaps use sexual aids in the bedroom. Therapy can also help you overcome impotency and could be adopted if you feel comfortable about it.

De-stress yourself by exercising regularly. In fact do something that would take your mind off work and your stress completely. This could be anything from indulging in watching a movie, playing video games, gardening and similar activities. It is important to divert your thought process. Eat healthy and maintain a proper diet. Avoid fatty foods and consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. Drink as much water as possible and avoid having aerated drinks and colas which have caffeine in them.

If you are still unable to get an erection then it is advisable to contact your physician. He might want to check if your erectile dysfunction is due to a medical condition. He might also be able to recommend certain devices which would help pump the blood into your penis enabling it to get stiff. In case you are using any devices please consult your doctor first before using them as if used incorrectly you can end up hurting yourself further.