How to Deal with Mouth Sores – Remedies for Children

Children tend to suffer from Canker sores and cold sores. These are boils that form on the tongue and the region inside the mouth. They are like ulcers that form in the mouth and you must ensure that you are taking care to ensure that you do not aggravate them or spread the infection.

Children find it difficult to deal with the pain and hence the best remedies are those that you can make up at home. Factors like emotional stress, allergies, eating spicy food; foods that are hot and a family history of the sores are common reasons for the sores.

In order to prevent the spread of the sores you must make the child rinse her mouth with warm water and salt. This solution will kill the harmful bacteria and also removes any dead and peeling skin from your mouth. Avoid spicy and citrus foods. These aggravate the condition. Chocolates also tend to increase the irritation and hence must be avoided.

Prepare soft foods that do not need too much chewing. This will prevent any rubbing in the cheek region. Do not offer he child any foods that are rough; fruits like pineapples and apples are hard to chew and cause some degree of rubbing. Offer the child lots of cold foods like yogurt, smoothies and ice cream. Maintain strict oral hygiene and wash the brush in hot water after using it.

If you are an adult and you suffer from these sores then it may be caused due to a broken tooth or due to nicotine intake. If the former is causing the condition then you need to visit the dentist and take care of the broken tooth or chipped tooth. If smoking is causing the formation of sores then you must quit the habit as soon and effectively as possible. Seek advice from your dentist on the kind of oral hygiene that will be beneficial to you.

The condition can also be caused due to mouth dryness; if this is the case then you must drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated or chew gum to keep a constant production of saliva in your mouth.