How to deal with nausea in pregnancy

To become pregnant is a wonderful experience but for some this experience might not be as wonderful as it should have been. The reason is the interference of nausea, which might be the reason of making this experience not so beautifully felt by the pregnant mother. For some, nausea might subside by the second semester but for some, this nausea can continue until the full length of pregnancy. There are a number of ways to deal with this problem and make the pregnancy a wonderful experience:

Small portion meals: One needs to manage the intake of food. He can take a variety of foods during pregnancy, but it has to be in small portions after every hour or every two-three hours throughout the day rather than have it in three large meals. These small servings of meal can often keep the nausea away.

Taking rest: Taking rest is essential during pregnancy. In early pregnancy, the body requires more sleep. It is best if one can get plenty of sleep at night and small naps during the daytime. Being tired can often trigger nausea.

Blood sugar levels even: It is important to maintain a constant and even level of sugar in pregnancy, which may otherwise trigger nausea. It is always good to carry a small portion of snacks like nuts, crackers, fruits or cheese along with you so that one can intake a little of the same when one starts feeling nauseous. Again intake of some crackers before getting out of bed in the morning can increase your blood sugar and thereby prevent nausea.

Ginger: Ginger is the best way of treating nausea. Ginger tea is always good for drinking during the times of nausea. Powdered ginger is very helpful in severe cases of nausea. Some women find that eating powdered ginger in the purest form and drinking a glass of water to wash it down is the best and the most effective way of treating nausea.

Fluids: Dehydration is a danger to those who suffer from nausea, so it is always important to stay hydrated. One must drink a lot of fluid in pregnancy to help in preventing nausea. Water is the best choice. Some women find that they can best tolerate fluids with meals.

By avoiding rich foods, rinsing or brushing after vomiting, avoiding skipping of prenatal vitamins or the smell of perfume or any other things that can trigger nausea, trying sea bands are also some of the best ways to avoid nausea and help live a happy and healthy life.