How to deal with smoking addiction

Smoking addiction means uncontrollable dependence of tobacco to a limit when stopping smoking can cause a severe poignant, psychological and substantial reaction. Smoking addiction could be a result of the dependence of the following habits like: i) dependence on nicotine that is used for making cigarettes and ii) addiction to drugs that occurs through materials like cannabis, heroin and cocaine.

When an addicted smoker tries to quit smoking, he has to face a number of challenges within himself. As his mind and body becomes used to stimulation that he receives from smoking, both of these (mind and body) starts behaving awkwardly. Symptoms like aggression, irritability, increased appetite, poor concentration, cravings, walking at night, poor concentration are very common among those addicted smokers who try to quit smoking.

Since the brain is devoid of the stimulation that it is used to, from smoking, tiredness or lack of energy is very common. Besides these, insomnia or having difficulty in sleeping at night and constipation are also a familiar problem for those who take up the challenge of quitting smoking. Development of dry mouth, sore throat and cough along with tender and sore gums and throat are widespread problems among the addicted smokers trying to refrain from smoking.

There is a number of ways to deal with the addiction to smoking:

i) Avoiding the circle or group of friends with whom one is used to smoking cigarettes. The more one would be in the company of those groups of friends, the more urge, he will have to restart smoking as he is accustomed to smoke with them.

ii) Chewing gums, skin patches, nasal sprays, tablets and inhalers help the addicted smokers to come to terms with the quitting of smoking by easing the withdrawal symptoms like cravings and mood change.

iii) Cravings might become stronger in situations where one is accustomed to smoke like pubs and parties. Hence deliberately avoiding these areas would help or assist the smokers to refrain from smoking.

iv) One can also always maintain a list of benefits that he can get when he quits smoking so that whenever he feels the urge to smoke, he can go through the list and try to refrain from this bad habit.