How To Deal With Uterine Fibroids Naturally!


Many women who are diagnosed with uterine fibroids feel scared when they are told to get it operated. Fibroids are nothing to feel scared about. Of course, one should treat it properly and should not neglect the matter just because she is scared of any sort of surgery or operation.

The good news is, uterine fibroids can be cured with the help of different natural procedures other than surgery. Though surgery is the best way of getting rid of them, but if you consult your doctor about natural treatment then it might just provide you with some positive outcome. But before we tell you about the ways to deal with it naturally, it’s important for all you ladies to know what this disease is; how it happens and what happens when fibroids occur in the uterus.

If you are diagnosed with uterine fibroids, it simply means that some harmless tumors have originated in your uterus. These small tumors are usually round or oval in shape and they are a collected form of the same muscles which your uterus is made of.

Uterine fibroids can originate both inside as well as outside the uterus. When the tumors have originated outside the uterus, they are called subserosal fibroids. In this condition they are found attached to the outer portion of the uterus. These are located under the lining membrane of the uterus.

If these small tumors have emerged inside the uterus, just below the uterine lining, then they are popularly known as the submucosal fibroids. There is another classification of these fibroids, it is the intramural fibroids. These fibroids occur in-between the walls of the uterus or the uterine wall.

How Can You Detect That You Have Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are one of those diseases which may not show any symptom at all. There are some women who don’t even know that they are suffering from fibroids because they don’t witness any abnormality in their reproductive life. But when the problem becomes severe, it shows some unexpected symptoms. If one notices strange uterine bleeding, then it is often said that she is suffering from fibroids. As this is also the very common sign of uterine fibroid.

Often the tumor occurs just next to the lining of the uterus. In this case, the tumor becomes a barrier and causes improper flow of blood in the uterus. If this is the case, then the woman is bound to suffer from heavy bleeding during periods. It also results into longer periods (periods occurring for more than 6-7 days). Spotting between periods is also a reason for this.

If you do not treat this at the right time then excessive bleeding during your monthly periods can lead to anemia. If the fibroids are present inside the body for a long time, then it results in severe pain at the location of the tumor. If the fibroid is bigger in size, then it may show some hazardous symptoms. Due to the large size it will create pressure in the pelvic region; therefore, the patient feels pain in this region.

You may also suffer from frequent urination or blocked urination if your fibroid is larger in size. In addition to this, you may feel pain in the rectum while passing stool.

The Natural Cures for Fibroids

If you are a patient of uterine fibroids then let us tell you that you can combat this problem if you make use of some natural treatments. It has been noticed in certain cases, that natural cures have shown positive results and the patient has successfully shrunk the size of the tumors with their help. Here are some effective natural treatments for fibroids:

The diet factor- Things that you should eat!

Diet plays a very important role in curing certain physical ailments and fibroids is one of them. If you have been diagnosed with fibroids then the first thing you have to do is start having low fat foods (preferably plant foods). Grains, seeds, green leafy vegetables and lots of fruits will control your body weight as well as it will help to bring down the high level of estrogen.

Excessive estrogen in the body will encourage the growth of fibroids in your uterus. Hence, avoid high fat diet, too much dairy products and red meat. Soybean is excellent in keeping the estrogen level low. They have two basic components in them – daidzein and genistein. These are basically plant estrogens and they take up those places in the cells where estrogen get stored up. So, they act as a barrier between your cells and estrogen.

Beans and seed-like sprouts are excellent for your body if you are a patient of fibroids. Kidney beans, black beans, flava seeds etc. should be consumed more. These are great sources of plant estrogen, similar to that of soybean and soy products.

Other than these, increase the intake of fish; especially salmon and tuna. These have anti inflammatory features that encounter with fibroids.

Workout regularly

Staying fit is another mantra for reducing the size of the fibroids in your uterus. Studies show that women with more body fat produce more estrogen; as a result they become an easy prey of fibroids. Therefore it is must for every patient to maintain a normal weight. Exercise regularly as it brings down the high estrogen level of the body.

Say goodbye to Addictions

It’s high time that you should put all the bottles of Alcohol, packets of caffeine and boxes of cigarettes in your dustbin! These welcome estrogen to get collected in your blood and cells. Bid adieu to these, before they ruin your life.

Other Home Remedies For Uterine Fibroids

Heat a small amount of castor oil and apply it to your abdomen or the area where you feel the harsh pain of the tumor. This will help you to get some relief from the pain. Milk thistle is great for reducing increased level of estrogen in the body. This herb usually takes a lot of time to show effective results but it’s an excellent medicine. So, patience is highly required in this case.

So, follow the above tips and get rid of uterine fibroids in a natural way. But, if the symptoms are worrying you, consult your doctor immediately and go through a methodical check-up to ensure everything is under control.