How To Detect Potentially Cancerous Moles

Ways To Detect Potentially Cancerous Moles

Ways To Detect Potentially Cancerous Moles

Moles are associated with skin cancer and the earlier you detect one of them the faster you are able to treat the symptoms of cancer. Unfortunately melanoma skin cancer is the most dangerous and the most difficult t treat and is associated with moles on the skin.

Moles that are normally itchy or bleeding are cancerous and you must have them checked out immediately. Most people have moles but not all of them are cancerous. Most of them are a collection of cells that have pigmented to form a dark color.

How To Check For Cancerous Moles

Skin Cancer

Firstly you need to keep a track of any existing moles on your body and watch out for new ones that may emerge. You must do this every month if you are really serious about your health. Check to see if any of the moles are bleeding or oozing liquids. If so you must see a doctor immediately. You must also educate yourself with the ABCDE’s of cancerous moles. They stand for asymmetry, border, color, diameter and evaluation.

Cancerous Moles

Remember that bout 70% cancers appear on normal skin with little or no indication prior to the arrival. Hence it makes logical sense to have these moles looked at immediately. The best way to get rid of the mole is through surgery, though this causes scars and comes with a great cost.

Few Important Tips

Regular Check Up

Caucasians are more prone to skin cancer; therefore it is very important for them to have regular check up. Normal moles are round but if you witness amole going out of shape then it is probably leading to skin cancer and you must have it looked at right away. Non cancerous moles are flat; a bulging mole may be a tumor. Keep a close eye on it and if it continues to swell then its time to see your doctor. Moles stay on constantly once they appear only cancerous moles grow in size.