How to do a Breast Examination at Home

The cause of breast cancer is still unknown. Unfortunately several women realize that they are suffering from the cancer after its too late. The only thing that can help you is an early diagnosis. While most doctors recommend getting a medical breast examination done once a year after the age of 40; one must start with breast examinations at home form the early 20’s to get the understanding of how to conduct a self examination.

You need to lie down on a flat surface, either a bed or on the ground and place a pillow under your shoulder so that your right breast is flat. Place your right arm under your head as if you were holding it and supporting it. Place your left hand across your chest to begin examining your right breast. Begin at the centre with the nipple and move outwards. You must move the tips of your fingers in circular motions to feel the muscles. Check under the armpit as well. Now do the same thing for your left breast.

You must maintain a journal with the dates of the examination and your results. This helps just in case you find a lump or anything unusual. Note any changes in the size and color of the breast or the size of the nipple. If you notice any scales, skin irritations or distortions or retraction of the nipples then you must report this to your doctor immediately. An ideal time to do this examination is the week after you finish your menstrual cycle. Apply lotion or oil on your palms, finger tips and your breast to create a smooth surface to make it easier for you to move around the breast. Remember, that most lumps are not cancerous; however, the best way to know the results is to visit a doctor and get a medical diagnosis immediately.