How To Draw On The Energy To Lose Weight

Doing exercise does help you lose weight. Besides, eating less salt, less sugar and less fat diet could also help a lot. However, there are a few other tips that could help one lose weight.

Many of us are under the mis-conception that we are well hydrated and tend to presume thirst as a form of hunger pang. It is very necessary to be well-hydrated when we attempt to lose weight. It is best to draw on the energy not by overeating, but by taking a lot of fluids; water, tender coconut juice, wheatgrass juice and other natural fruit juices like lime, lemon and water-melon, with no added salt. However avoid those sugar-laden and aerated drinks at all cost.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal foods to draw on all the energy one needs for weight loss.  Building up one’s energy with salad vegetables like cucumber, carrots, radish, green pepper, yellow pepper, baby spinach and beetroot. However sprinkle just a bit of salt on them or eat them with a dash of lemon juice. Having a variety of fruits like grapes, apples, bananas, water melon, musk melon and oranges is also good. Besides, eating slowly by chewing and eating each bite helps to assimilate all the nutrients in them.

Taking care to detoxify one’s body also helps to draw on all the energy one requires for weight loss. Eating food rich in fiber could help. Doctors advice that it is best to take a glass of lemon juice with honey the first thing in the morning.

One can draw on one’s energy and also satisfy one’s craving for certain foods by just using substitutes.  When one craves for sweets it is best to take dates or raisins to be able to lose weight. Similarly having whole-wheat bread in the place of ordinary bread helps. Jaggery and brown sugar can be easily substituted for white sugar. Drinking of herbal teas are much better than tea or coffee. Besides take unsweetened fruit juices in the place of alcohol. One can be sure to lose weight as caffeine and alcohol are the main culprits of weight gain. They increase one’s stress hormone cortisol and make one experience sweet cravings.

Best of luck to draw on energy and lose weight.

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