How to Ease Menstrual Pains

Menstruation is an inevitable part of women’s life. Every girl starts experiencing menstruation cramps at an average age of twelve years. Menstruation takes place due to presence of progesterone and estrogen hormones in female body. These hormones are produced in ovaries and menstruation begins.

This also marks as an indication of the beginning of reproductive stage in girl’s life. Menstruation helps in cleaning the internal shell of the womb but it also brings certain pangs such as Menorrhoea- heavy flow, Amenorrhoea- stoppage, and Dysmenorrhoea- painful discharge. Millions of women feel cramps during their period and lookout for menstrual disorder treatment. Here are few important home remedies for menstrual pains.

Proper Diet
Menstrual cramps can be reduced by maintaining proper diet. Try to have foods with rich carbohydrate-ingredients. Start consuming more of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Those who bloat during their periods, they need to reduce salt-intake in their food. Also, excessive consumption of caffeine, sugar and alcohol must be avoided to ease menstrual pains.

Work Out
Premenstrual Syndrome affects women physically, psychologically and emotionally. Regular fitness regime helps in menstrual disorder treatment. Exercise gives relaxation to mind and body and reduces menstrual cramps. Yoga is also a very good solution.

Medicines can also be a remedy for menstrual pains but it must be taken only after proper medical advice. There are several anti-inflammatory drugs available such as ibuprofen or fish oil capsules. Medicines with calcium, magnesium, fatty acids and vitamin B complex help to reduce pangs during periods.

Home Remedies
Make a heating pad and hold it on your lower abdominal area. The warmth of the pad will give good relief. You can also massage the area gently in a circular motion. Also drinking warm water and taking warm showers helps to get rid of period-pains. Avoid stretch in the pelvic muscles and take as much time as you can for relaxation during your menstruation period.