How to Ease Muscle Soreness Naturally

Over exerting, too much exercise and fatigue can lead to a sore muscle and often in our conquest to complete all tasks meticulously we put aside the pain and move on to other tasks. This is one of the most dangerous things that you can do as an aching or sore muscle can lead to fatal issues later on. When you feel an aching or sore muscle it is imperative that you tend to it immediately.

Firstly you must start with using a hot compress on the area. If the muscles on your feet are sore or you notice a visible swelling then you must soak your feet in warm water. Use peppermint oil in the water if you are soaking your feet. Immediately after the hot compress you must use a cold compress. The hot and cold combination helps to ease the stress in the area.

Remember, the soreness of muscles can be due to dehydration and hence you must avoid staying for long periods without hydrating your system. Though water is considered the best fluid; you can alternate with fruit juices and milk.

Before going to bed you can apply a heat generating gel or lotion on the area. The heat will help to heal the muscle and reduces the swelling. There are several natural remedies to help you to reduce the swelling as well. Aromatherapy oils like ylang ylang and chamomile helps to soothe nerves and reduce the traces of sore muscles. You can also try orange oil in your bath water and soak your body in it for 20 to 30 minutes. This will help to get rid of acing and sore muscles. Ginger is known for its anti inflammatory properties and hence you can either choose to incorporate it in your meals or use it in the form of essential oils.

If your muscles are tender and the pain is unbearable then you must look at a professional to give you a massage to ease the stress. Applying pressure to the area helps to enhance the blood circulation and thereby helps to reduce the swelling. It also helps to ease the stress and prevents further damage to the area. Make sure that you get a certified professional to help you as applying the right amount of pressure is necessary; else it could lead to spasms or tissue damage.