3 Ways To Ease The Tingling Sensation In Your Body

3 Ways To Ease The Tingling Sensation In Your Body

Numbness is a sensation when your body fells a tingling sensation in a certain part followed by lack of sensation. The most commonly affected areas are your hands, feet, arms and legs. In most cases it lasts for a few seconds; however in more severe cases it may be a long attack and may need medical attention.

There are several causes to this syndrome and once you are aware of the cause of the syndrome you will be able to cure it effectively. Depression is known to be one of the main causes for the attack. When you are depressed you often feel detached from reality and your body reacts by giving out a detached feeling in certain parts by giving you the tingling sensation.

Herbal Tea For Tingling Sensation

Other cause of the tingling feeling include lack of blood flow. When you sit in a certain position for a long period of time you restrict the flow of blood to your feet. This could lead to the loss of sensation in your body. A nerve injury, seizures, strokes, migraines, diabetes, lack of or excess calcium and sodium, lack of vitamin B12 and high levels of alcohol can lead to loss of sensation on certain parts of your body.

Once you diagnose the cause for the numbness you can then use the appropriate home and herbal remedies to help you out. If you are diabetic and you suffer from chronic numbness then it may be due to the fennel that you consume to lower your blood sugar levels. In this case you need to decrease the amount of fennel tea you drink. You must also get additional exercise to increase the blood circulation in your body to prevent the tingling sensation. Drinking herbal tea is an effective remedy. The tea increases your blood circulation and stimulates the nerves in the body to work overtime.

Rosemary For Tingling Sensation

You must make sure that your body is receiving the right amounts of nutrition. In the case of numbness and loss of sensation you need to eat a well balanced nutritious diet in order to maintain your health. Spinach is a blood purifier and helps to ease any discomfort caused by the tingling sensation. Herbs such as Rosemary and gingko biloba address the cause of the numbness and help to ease the pain caused by the tingling.

Gingko Biloba For Tingling Sensation

Ways To Ease The Tingling Sensation In Your Body