How to Eat a Stomach Full of Food without Calories

Trying to have a full stomach with minimum calories seems to be only for the text books but it is possible in reality by making smart food choices. It helps you to loose the weight you’ve gained while helps to maintain your weight loss for longer periods. As a rule of thumb foods that are high in energy value like desserts are also high in calories. The key is to consume foods that have lower energy density so that you can eat larger proportions. This is extremely true for vegetables.

Two important factors play an important role here. You need to watch the water content as well as the fiber in the foods you are consuming. Foods like fruits and vegetables are a rich source of water and extremely low in calories. Choose from citrus fruits like oranges and limes to melons like watermelon. They have the ability to provide you the energy that you require for a few hours. Green vegetables help you to feel full for a longer period as they take time to digest and hence are a good option while dieting,

Change you diet

Changing your diet is like changing your lifestyle. You are never glad about it in the beginning yet once you start reaping the benefits of it you feel satisfied. You need to first understand what your body requires and what the best foods to fulfill those requirements are. Essentially your diet needs to consist of fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates that can be attained from pastas, rice, cereal and bread. Protein from fish and dairy products are extremely important. Choose low fat dairy products to lessen the calories.

Eat sweets and sugar candies in small proportions as they are high in calories and provide your body with little to no energy.

The key to changing your diet is to changing the preparation style of the foods. Play around with the ingredients. Increase your fruit and vegetable intake by using them in juices, smoothies and milkshakes. Experiment with soups and salads that have a low calorie content.