How to Eat More Healthy Vegetables and Fruits Daily

Dietitians and nutritionists lay emphasis on the importance of eating lots of fruits and vegetables in order to stay fit and healthy and to build your immunity. But how can one eat a healthy serving of fresh produce to maintain their health? Well, is simple.

The American Cancer Association recommends 5 servings of fresh produce in the day. Then, why do most people not eat the right amount of fruit and vegetables? Well, that’s simply! Because they are not aware of the right amount to eat or how to include these fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet they are unable to maintain the daily requirement. If you are looking at ways to include more fresh produce in your diet then this is the article for you.

Healthy vegetables and fruits for breakfast

When the doctor recommends eating fresh fruits he does not mean that they cannot be processed. Smoothies, shakes and juices are the best way to include a healthy serving of fresh produce in your daily diet. Start the day with a fresh fruit smoothie and add a few spinach leaves in it for a healthy dose of iron.

If you have oatmeal porridge or cornflakes for breakfast then you can add fruits like bananas, strawberries and raisins to the bowl of cereal or porridge.

If your breakfast consists of eggs then include fresh vegetables like tomatoes, onions, broccoli, spinach, red or green peppers and mushrooms and bake it into an omelet. These are easy ways to get a rich supply of fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning.

Fresh produce for lunch

Steamed veggies are a great lunch. A juice or a smoothie along with your bowl of steamed vegetables will give you the energy that you need. A bowl of soup or a salad at lunch time will take you a long way. A veggie burger is also a good option; however if you are watching your weight then you must skip it as it contains oil and fats.

More fruits and vegetables for dinner

If you haven’t had enough of fruits and vegetables during the day then you dinner is the best time to supply your body with a healthy supply. Mashed potatoes or cauliflower are a good way to load up on veggies in the night. Skip dessert and have a fruit instead. It will help you to satisfy your sugar craving and will also provide your body with the required vitamins.

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