How to Eat Well During a Heat Wave

During the summer months our bodies tend to get exhausted and we are unable to perform our daily activities with ease. Besides dehydration, we suffer from lack of appetite. This along with the scorching heat causes loss of vitamins in the body and this gives rise to a heat stroke. The uneasiness may be clubbed with dehydration, loss of sensation in the body and headaches that last for hours to days. Your body requires food and drinks at this time; unfortunately the heat causes a complete lack of appetite.

It is very important that you cool down your body temperature. It is best to stay in an air conditioned environment; however if you do not have access to it at home then you must try a public place like a mall or a supermarket that you can rest at for a few moments. Excessive heat can kill you by dehydrating your body completely and affecting your immune system. Avoid sun exposure as much as possible. Most people are tempted to go to the beach at this time and you must make sure that you do not give into this temptation.

Although you many not be upto it, you must eat a few meals in the day. Avoid spicy foods and opt for salads and juices. Milkshakes are a great idea for when you are indoors; avoid them when you are going out as you may feel sick. Load up on fruits as often as you can; they are a great source of water. Eat calorie rich foods that will help you to have the energy to carry on with your activities. Avoid caffeine in all forms; even in cold coffees and teas- they are tempting but they will also lead to you getting dehydrated.

Eat protein rich foods and they help to energize you through the day and increase your immunity to beat the heat. You must also ensure that you avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. The heat can cause skin rashes, sun burns, tans and dehydration that could be fatal to your health. Always make sure that you have a bottle of water with you when you step outdoors. You must also make sure that you drink a glass of juice every few hours.

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