How to Effectively Gain Weight Without Damaging your Health

I suffered with the issue of being under weight for years. I was a perceived to be younger that I was as a result of this. Wile most women would like to be perceived as younger, I wasn’t happy because it caused me loss of jobs amongst other humiliations. While most of our society is focused on loosing weight, there is little data to be found on how to gain weight.

Keep in mind that you may look and seem over weight for your age; but your weight is actually defined in proportion to your height and no other factor. Before you begin your diet to gain those additional pounds; consult your doctor ad inform him about the diet and the lifestyle changes that you plan on making.

To gain weight you need to eat at regular intervals and the food that you eat must be of nutritional value. Fast foods and fried foods will not help you. Plan your meals every 3 hours; and include a snack in between meals. Snacks must be high on calories and nutrition. Your diet must be a wholesome meal of chicken, whole grains, rice, pasta, potatoes, beans and fish.

Eat larger portions than you normally would; however; you must keep clear of sugars and fats as they are high on calories but low on nutrition. Eating foods that are low on nutrition does not help as they add unhealthy fats to your diet.

Increase the amount of exercise. This will help to increase your metabolism; thereby increasing your hunger. This helps you to increase your portion consumption naturally. Weight training and aerobics are ideal for those trying to gain weight.

Eliminate stress in your life as far as possible. Stress reduces your chances of gaining weight by increasing your heartbeat; thereby burning calories.

Do not monitor your weight daily as you may not be too happy with what you see. Set a day and time weekly to check your improvement.

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