How to Energize Your Mind and Body during Stressful Periods


Stressful periods can drain you out of every ounce of energy that you have. This can leave you emotionally and physically drained. Economically trying times have left all of us in a position where we are stressed out about trying to make ends meet. Yet, it is the time when we need to be most productive and hence it is at this time that we need to zap up the energy to work. This requires you to get rid of your stress and work out to increase your energy levels. There are various natural treatments that you can use to get rid of stress and increase stress levels.

Aromatherapy is a great way to boost your energy levels. When you are stressed out lavender oil is your best investment. A bottle of the oil can be put to good use. Blend it with carrier oils and use it to massage your back and feet or dab a few drops on your temples. This will perk up your energy levels instantly. It is also a good way to elevate your mood and get rid of stress.

Control your caffeine intake. Not only coffee but several other beverages are laden with caffeine. This includes your favorite colas and energy drinks. For every cup of coffee that you drink you need to drink 3 glasses of water. Drinking water helps to increase the amount of sleep that you get. Caffeine increases your nervous ticks and thus it is best to avoid it.

Eating smaller meals that include complex carbohydrates, protein and lesser amount of fats is a good way to boost energy levels. Add as many colors to your diet as possible. Green leafy vegetables, orange and lemon fruits and vegetables and fresh fruit juices are a blessing to your energy levels.

Get plenty of exercise outdoors. Walking for a few minutes during the day and outdoors at night is a good way to decrease stress levels and to help you to sleep well at night. This in turn ensures that you are high on energy the next day.