How to Enhance Your Breasts Naturally

It is not always necessary to undergo surgery for the enhancement of one’s breasts. Surgery is a very risky and costly option. However any woman who wants to enhance one’s breasts can use other products like mechanical aids, creams, pills, herbal products, oils, lotions, poultices, ointments and hypnosis to enhance her breasts.

The Bravo system is one of those mechanical devices that can be used to enhance one’s breasts naturally. This device uses rigid cups and a microcomputer regulator to enhance and expand the tissues of the breasts by a vacuum effect. This device is costly and works only for certain women.

However, Bravo takes a long time to show results and requires a lot of patience. Bravo has good substitutes like push-up bras and breast forms that help to enhance the breasts naturally but some may experience skin irritation and bulkiness. Electro-stimulation by a breast tissue toner helps to stimulate breast tissue growth.

Creams, lotions, salve and oils are available and can be used to enhance the breasts by applying them and massaging them on the breast tissue. This helps to enhance the breasts by increasing collagen production and causing cellular expansion. These creams, lotions, salve and oils improve the texture of the breasts and improve circulation of blood making the breasts more elastic and firm. It should however be noted that these creams are packed in small containers, high priced, and require continued use to bear the full results.

One can enhance one’s breast naturally by prosthetic breasts and other clothing accessories like padded bras, push-up bras, silicon breast pads, bra inserts and other breast forms. They are not real but can only create an illusion of big breasts.

One can take the help of hypnosis therapy available in CD’s, DVD and cassettes to influence the brain that one’s breasts have been enhanced. However this may lead to adverse affects in some women so it is better to take a doctor’s opinion before using this method.

Exercise is the most natural method to enhance one’s breasts. Some are of the opinion that weight gain helps to enhance the breasts. But on the contrary weight gain is harmful for the health and there could be deposit of fat in other parts of the body too. However if one does exercises like push-ups and arms lift one is sure to have stronger and firmer breasts that
would look enhanced.

To brief one about most of these products that help to enhance the breasts do scrutinize and research all these products and check on the genuineness of these products. But be sure to consult your doctor regarding which breast enhancement product is ideal to enhance your breasts naturally.