How to Enjoy Orange and its Health Benefits

Orange is a lovely fruit that tastes excellent and looks cute. Orange has numerous nutrition and health benefits also. We can enjoy orange not only because of its taste, but also due to the presence of powerful vitamins that can help us to fight from several ailments and infections. This citrus fruit supplies several essential nutrients in our body such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and calories. Here we are describing some essential health benefits of orange.

Health Benefits

Orange can provide quite a few nutritional benefits. It includes folic acid, which can be very effective for proper development of brain. Thus, children are often suggested regular intake of oranges. The cardiovascular system of the body also remains fit as the potassium content of orange helps to preserve electrolyte balance in the cells. Oranges also help to spread oxygen in various body parts.

This is actually done by the formation of hemoglobin due to consumption of vitamin B6 through orange. You can also take orange juice regularly. Orange has calcium and if you take fresh orange juice, it will help you to make your bone and teeth stronger. Among the other benefits, magnesium-content of orange helps to retain normal blood pressure.

Skin Benefits

Orange contains numerous essential vitamins that work really well to maintain healthy and glowing skin. Oily skin is a common condition during monsoon. Orange can act as a natural astringent to reduce excessive oil from skin. Even the orange peels are also good for skin. If you dry the orange peels and use them as a powder, it can be immensely effective to prevent oily skin. If you apply orange juice on your face, you will feel immaculately refreshing.

Considering the above benefits of orange, you would definitely want increase the consumption of this citrus fruit. Enjoy having orange in peeled form, raw or just refreshing juices.