How to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Pine Nuts

There are plenty of ways in which you can grab a pack of pine nuts; roasted, raw or in the powder form. When you think about nuts you would normally think about walnuts, almonds or cashews but very rarely you would think of pine nuts. As a matter of fact they not only seem to be one of the most rarely talked about nut; they are also the last kind that you would think of munching on. There are plenty of benefits that you stand to gain from eating a handful of these nuts about 2 to 3 times a week.

These nuts are a great nutritional value, source of vitamin E and protein. It is also a source of fiber and the best fact about these nuts is that they have 0 carbohydrates. Hence they are the best snack option if you are interested in reducing your carbohydrate intake.

If you are watching your weight or if you are trying to get onto a diet and are unable to do this they you must eat a handful of pine nuts daily. These nuts secrete a hormone that signals the digestive system. This hormone gives your stomach a feeling of being satisfied and thus your stomach does not crave for food. The nuts also slow down digestion thereby helping you to loose weight or prevent over eating.

These nuts are good for your heart. No only because they are low on carbohydrates but because they are the only nuts that can produce oleic acid. It contains the same sort of mono saturated fats as olive oil. This helps to control cholesterol and protects the arteries and prevents damage and heart attacks.

Pine nuts are also a good source of anti oxidants. This helps to reduce damage to the cells thereby working as an anti aging agent. They also prevent cramps during menstruation as well as reduce stress and fatigue.

Pine nut oil is also popularly in the southern states of North America. Here the oil is used in several food preparations and also to sauté meats and vegetables; thereby giving it an extra crunch and flavor. Due to the presence of fiber in the oil it is popularly used in meat dishes.