How to Enjoy the Holiday Season in a Healthy Way

Holidays are great but they also can add to your stress levels. From the excessive binging to late nights and even drinking to some extent your physical and mental health can go through some degree of stress. There are several ways you can control your stress levels.

To begin with if you are the kind of person who does ample of shopping over the holiday season then you need to plan your shopping sprees and list down all the things that you need. Make a schedule with all the activities like grocery shopping, cooking, gift shopping, tree trimming, carol singing and all the other activities that you may want to participate in. Keeping a diary is not a bad idea either. If you are organized you will not be stressed out as you are always aware of the fact that you are on top of things.

In order to stay healthy during the festive season you need to watch what and how much you are eating. Almost everything that you see may seem delicious but before you sink your teeth into sugary delights you need to analyze the damage that it is about to cause your health. Most of us believe that we will loose holiday weight within a few weeks of dieting and exercise but sadly that rarely happens. Although you may have a busy schedule make sure you have a few minutes a day to exercise; burning a couple of extra calories daily will be an asset to your health. Try and avoid binging as well. Eat all your favorite foods but make sure that you are eating small portions. If you are headed out for a party in the evening then you must have a light lunch or skip the entire meal if possible. An hour before the party you must eat a light snack; this ensures that your stomach is full and that you do not overeat when you are partying.

Maintain your hydration levels by drinking plenty of water. For each glass of alcohol that you drink you need to drink 2 glasses of water. This will prevent dehydration and also ensures that the toxins are released immediately. Drinking water also reduces your chance of a hangover the next day.