How to Enlarge Your Breast with Natural Home Remedies

Getting breast implants is probably one of the most tempting cosmetic surgeries for quite a few women around the world. Lot of women have also succumbed to the temptation, some happy with the new look, while some complaining that they don’t feel that good.

Surgery is expensive and there is also a risk of the final look not meeting expectations. Trying natural remedies at home might take some time to show results, but at least there is no risk involved and these are safe.

There are foods and exercises that can help in breast enlargement, but you need to be realistic and accept that the enlargement will be in proportion to your natural body type and the frame that you are born with.

Eating foods that contain estrogen can help in breast enlargement. Eat a fistful of steamed soy beans, add some salt and pepper for flavor. Be careful to eat only a fistful everyday, too much estrogen can also have side effects. Avoid taking any pills or soy supplements, eating it in the natural form is a safer and a more sensible thing to do.

Asparagus is also very good for women in general. Look for asparagus powders that might be available in health stores. This can be mixed with milk and had in the morning. If breast feeding, this helps increase the milk production. Again, stick to just one spoonful once in a day. Alternately, you can even stir asparagus and have it for dinner.

Foods that are high in fat content can also be consumed. This will helps, as breasts have no muscles but only fat tissues. Try including good fats and not junk food.

Other food items like dandelion root, watercress leaf, fennel seeds, fenugreek and wild yam also help in breast enlargement.

Look for massage oils in aroma therapy stores that can help increase breast size. You can also use olive oil or castor oil to massage your breasts using gentle circular strokes.

There are certain exercises that help in building the tissue and muscle around the breasts which help them look bigger and firmer. Exercises like push ups done against a wall or on the floor will help. If you are regular at a gym, ask your instructor to guide you. There are numerous yoga exercises that can also help.

You will need to be patient to see results as these are natural home remedies that will not show results overnight.