How to Exfoliate Your Skin with Natural Products

How to Exfoliate Your Skin with Natural Products

A perfect looking skin without any blemishes or dark spots is high on the wish list of almost everybody in this world. Most of us stock different types of face washes, skin creams, face masks and scrubs in our bathroom cabinet and follow a skin care routine.

Of all the steps required to maintain healthy looking skin, exfoliation is very important.

It helps take off the dead skin layer and also helps in smoothening dry skin.

Mentioned below are tips to help exfoliate your skin using natural ingredients.

lemon rind

When exfoliating always use soft, gentle movements. Remember it’s your skin and not the kitchen sink that you are scrubbing. Applying too much pressure causes skin damage.

The ingredients you can use will vary as per weather conditions and skin types.

If the weather is dry and your skin feels itchy and stretched, you need to use gentle products like oat meal with milk or cream. The milk will help moisturize the skin and oat meal will provide gentle exfoliation.

gram flour

If your skin is tanned and feels dry, try using lemon rind with milk. Grate the rind into a coarse powder and add some milk to this. The milk moisturizes and lemon helps remove the tan.

If the weather is humid and your skin feels oily and sticky, use around 2 drops of lemon juice with rose water and add the lemon rind powder to this. Make sure to go easy on the lemon juice as it can make the skin dry. Rose water is an excellent toner and will immediately refresh your skin and the lemon rind powder will help scrub off the oily sticky feeling.

If your skin is very sensitive, exfoliating it using scrubs is not a good idea. If skin feels oily use gram flour mixed with rose water. Gram flour is very gentle on the skin and helps deep cleanse.

Alternately, if your skin feels dry, mix the gram flour in milk or cream. You can apply the paste on your skin and when it dries up slightly, use your fingers to gently scrub it off.


If you are not sure how the above ingredients might react with your skin, test it on a small patch first.