How to Exfoliate your Skin

One of the most important steps of your skin care regime should be exfoliating your skin. Doing so gets rid of the excess oils that clog your pores while eliminating the dead cells from the surface of your skin. Immediately after exfoliating your skin looks lighter and leaves you with a refreshed feeling.

While there are several facial scrubs available from reputed brands; you can also make a few at home with a little effort. Soak a few almonds over night and break it into tiny pieces in the morning and rub in gently on your skin. Alternatively, you can grind dry almonds and make a dry paste of it after adding a few drops of rose water. If you don’t have rose water then you can use plain water. The same can be done with walnuts as well.

In order to exfoliate your skin to reap maximum benefits you must first dampen the skin lightly. Then take a little of the cream on your finger tips and massage it gently onto your skin in a circular motion. Do so until your skin feels completely dry. Rub a few ice cubes onto the skin and continue to massage your skin. Continue to do this for atleast 30 minutes. If you need to add more cream you may do so. Once you have completed the process do not wash of the scrub immediately. Let is stay on for a few minutes so that the essential oils from the nuts can penetrate your skin. Once the scrub has dried into your skin you may go ahead and wash your skin.

Never use warm water to wash your skin after a scrub. Use room temperature water or cold water to wash off the traces of the scrub on your skin. After you have done that pat your face dry with a towel. You will see immediate results of your skin looking lighter and free of oil. At this time the pores on your skin are open and are at risk of attracting dirt that will lead to pimples and acne. You must use a toner or astringent on your skin as the last step of the exfoliating process.

Exfoliating is not just for the skin on your face but for all over your body. Use a scrub that suits your skin type.