How to Fight Allergies with Herbal Home Remedies

Allergies can be a hindrance to your lifestyle. I suffered with allergies for a few months when I moved to my new apartment. I investigated for weeks to try and understand the cause of the allergy and eventually gave up; but that was only after getting rid of pillows, sheets and several other things from the house that I thought were the cause of the allergies. There are several herbs that act as remedies for allergies. Most of these herbs are freely available and you can avail of them and use them in order to get relief.

Some of the common types of allergies are hay fever, asthma and common cold that is accompanied with a stuffy or runny nose and watery eyes. The herbs that you use work to create resistance to the allergens and increase the power of your immune system.

Honey is one of the best remedies for allergies. The anti bacterial property of the honey helps to build resistance and helps to control allergic reactions. If you are like me and your allergies start to trouble you in the night then you can drink a glass of warm water with a spoon of honey or simply eat a spoon of honey. This will help you to get a good night’s sleep and will ensure that you do not wake up with a runny nose.

You must also try garlic if you are using herbal remedies to fight your allergies. You can incorporate garlic in your food preparations; alternatively you can also brew it with your tea. Either ways it will have a positive impact on your allergies and sinus. Green tea that is rich in anti oxidants is also a great remedy for allergic reactions and helps to control allergies; especially those that are bought about by the environment.

Once can never get enough of Vitamin C. this vitamin is freely available in most fruits and vegetables and it helps to keep your allergies in check. Berries, plums, oranges, limes and lemons are all rich sources of Vitamin C. Broccoli and spinach are rich sources of the vitamin.

In addition to the mentioned remedies eucalyptus is also a great remedy for allergies that cause a stuffy or runny nose and redness of the eyes. You must use the oil in warm water and get a steam or use it on a handkerchief and inhale the fumes during the entire day. This will help to clear your sinus and prevent the allergies.