3 Tips to Fight Dehydration with Ease and in the Comfort of Your Home

3 Tips To Fight Dehydration

You may think that you risk getting dehydrated only during the summer months. Well, that is absolutely untrue.When you do not offer your body the required amount of water it stands to get dehydrated.  When you sweat in excess, urinate, pass a stool or cry water is lost from your body. When you are ill and suffer from fever, nausea and diarrhea you loose water from your body. These are times when you need to offer your body extra hydration. Some of the symptoms of dehydration include dizziness and fatigue, dry skin and infrequent urination.

Tips To Fight Dehydration With Simple Home Remedies

If you detect signs of dehydration then you will be able to cure it with ease. The simplest thing you can do is to start increasing your water intake. This will cure half the issue. Next you need to spray water on your skin so that you treat the dry skin topically. Stay indoors and maintain your hydration levels for a few days. This will help to prevent any further danger that you may put yourself in if you venture outdoors.

Drinking Water For Dehydration

Drink electrolyte based water or beverages to maintain your hydration levels. These are normally recommended to athletes who loose lots of water through perspiration.

Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables when you are dehydrated. These increase the amount of water in your body. You must also stay away from red meats; though white meats do not pose as a threat; I still recommend that you stay away from them. Eat plenty of melons and grape fruits as they are high in water content. Cucumbers and tomatoes are vegetable you can depend on in times of dehydration.

Vegetable For Dehydration

You need to stay away from caffeine based drinks and aerated drinks. These are a threat to your system as caffeine soaks water from your body and this can worsen your condition while aerated drinks may cause acidity.

Avoid Caffeine For Dehydration

Even after you overcome your dehydration you must make sure that you do not have prolonged exposure to the sun. Protect yourself by using sunscreen lotion, protective eye gear and a cap to protect your head. Use a scarf on your head when you are outdoors at a formal event.