How To Gain Weight- Tips For Skinny Girls


In a world where most women are trying hard to shed pounds it may be ironic that there are a few individuals who are attempting to gain weight. Though the number of individuals is fairly small the fight is as difficult as those who are attempting to shed weight.

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Some girls are unable to gain weight even if they eat the most fattening foods and those that are high in calories. There are 2 factors that are involved in weight gain; metabolism and genetics. If you have a high metabolic rate then your food will get digested and processed fast giving your body very little time to absorb that fats or accumulate them.

Beneficial Tips To Gain Weight For Skinny Girls

If you are a skinny girl and are trying to gain weight then do not get upset if you are unable to do so. We have a few tips that will help you to gain a few pounds and make you look healthy and fit.

If you are interested in gaining weight then you need to eat nutritious foods as well as exercise regularly in order to tone your body. Eating junk food or those that are high in fats, salt and calories will not help you to gain weight; instead you must eat nutritious foods in order to help you to gain weight. In addition to this you will need to increase the number of meals you eat everyday.


Eating 5 to 6 meals during the day will definitely help you to gain a few pounds. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, pastas, green leafy vegetables and salads on a regular basis instead of eating only 2 meals a day will help you to gain weight. Dairy in the form of milk, cheese, yogurt and ice cream is also beneficial if you are interested in gaining a few pounds.


If you want to gain weight yet have a sturdy body you will need to avoid drinking fizzy drinks as they cause bloating. They also cause fat to accumulate on your legs, thighs and your abdomen. This will cause the middle section of your body to look flabby while the rest of your body will be skinny.

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It is important to exercise if you increase your calorie consumption drastically. Weight gain pills and supplements do not offer the results that they promise so it is best to avoid them. Instead eat healthy meals and exercise regularly in order to gain weight and keep your body toned and healthy.

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