How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep Naturally

A proper amount of sleep is necessary for everyone to maintain a good health. But nowadays we suffer from sleeping disorder due to many reasons – excessive stress and tension, tension in our daily life and many more things. When we suffer from sleeping disorder we most of the people go to seek the help of our physician. Physician starts medicine to cure sleeping disorder.

But it is not a permanent solution because these medicines have many side effects. Moreover regular use of this medicine make people fully dependant on the medicine. So it is better to solve the problem naturally and only this natural method can bring the permanent solution. This article may help you giving few simple tips which are very easy to follow.

Do not go to bed immediately after taking the dinner. Spend few relaxing moment reading books or listening music. But selection of music or book is very important. Avoid detective stories or thriller that may make you alert. Do not listen fast pop or rock. Better listen soft music and read soft story books or travelogue. These things will help to sooth and calm down your nerve. If possible practice meditation in the evening. Switch off the light and play some low pace music in the back ground. Meditation increases your concentration and keeps your nerve under control. Practice early rising and little freehand exercise or brisk walking.

Before going to bed make a habit of taking a warm bath. In summer when the weather outside is excessive hot, you can take a cool bath also. Use fragrant soap while bathing because sweet fragrance is good for our nerve and mood. You can mix fragrance of lavender, patchouli, jasmine, etc. essential oil in your bath water to make the bath water fragrant. You can mix lime fragrance in water which is perfect for the summer. These are very refreshing and help body to bring a good night’s sleep.

Avoid excessive light and noise in your bed room. It should be a peaceful chamber. Select the color of the room, the color of the bed sheet, pillow cover, and curtain of the room very light and soothing for your eyes. Do not drink coffee or tea before going to bed. In spite of that you may drink milk which helps to bring sleep.

Follow this and have a good night’s sleep.