How to Get Over Fear of Flying

Fear of flying is one of the fears experienced by some people. There may be no particular reason for this fear. Some may just have a feeling that traveling by road or by your own car, or train is much better and things are in control. Some may just have life-long premonition that they will someday die in an airplane crash.

However one should realize that death is an inevitable factor and can come to anyone at any time. Besides one should mentally prepare himself or herself for anything that can happen to them. Besides flying is much more safe than traveling by road. The pilots are very well prepared to face any emergencies. Besides there are a lot of security arrangements that go into air travel so one should be able to convince oneself that his/her fear is unfounded.

Yes, you are right. Removing your mind from the fear of flying helps to fly in a calm fashion. Try to distract yourself  as best you can.  It is best to use time on the flight as free time to have some sleep, listen to I-pod, or just to do some deep breathing or relaxation exercises. One could hear some pre-made relaxing music tapes or just meditate. The most important thing is to remove ones mind from the fear, which is sure to help one to get over fear of flying.

It is best to take medications like Ativan or Xanex if it helps to make one feel calmer. A small dose of ginger ale can help one get over an upset stomach.  Besides taking medicines like Dramamine helps to get over motion sickness. Tylenol could help one get some sleep. However one should take medications only as a last resort in case of extreme fear of flying.

It is better to face ones fear of flying. Talk about your fears with people who can help you get over the fear of flying. Find out from them if they enjoy flying and why they like to do so. Talking to a flying attendant and other people half way through the flight will make one realize how good it is to fly. Following all the instructions that are given from time to time and one is sure to get over the fear of flying.

Last but most important try to fly on a non-stop flight. This is sure to help get over fear of flying. The fact that accident takes place at take off or landing helps one be at peace in non-stop long flights.

To conclude one is sure to get over the fear of flying if one takes steps to be calm and relaxed during a flight.