How to Get Over Nervous Exhaustion

Anyone wanting to be that Super Person may be caught in the trap of nervous exhaustion. Nervous exhaustion is caused in workaholics who believe work is everything and do not know how to enjoy the good and relaxing aspects of life. People who end up in nervous exhaustion are those people who set up high unachievable goals in life and are frustrated, tired, worried and discontented always.

They are highly strung and may wake up suddenly in the middle of night remembering all the work undone and may also jump up when doors are slammed. These people have to be helped and told how they can get over nervous exhaustion and lead a normal and full life enjoying the happy things of life.

The first step that such a person can be taught to get over mental exhaustion is to advice them to reorganize their life. They should be told to include a variety of activities in their life so that they can be relaxed and also feel happy.

Reorganization of life means that that the person suffering from nervous exhaustion should be told to manage his life wisely and include a variety of activities in it.  He should be told to exclude or decrease activities that cause stress and include activities that give him happiness, pleasure and relaxation. Besides such a person should learn that life should not be just one activity but it should have various activities like social, sexual, vocational, traditional besides activities that he does with his family. Doing deep breathing exercises, yoga and meditation and giving it an integral part in one’s life helps the person with nervous exhaustion to lower stress hormones and promote hormones of well being and happiness

Spending time with the family trying to know what each person is doing, enjoys doing and likewise would help him to relax and not miss on any angle in life. Going on a family vacation without the laptop and mobile would help him realize life is a pleasant dream without them. He will be able to give time to his family and do all the activities they enjoy doing with them. This type of relaxation would sure improve his perception of life and he may crave for such activities at regular intervals.

So, dear workaholics fight nervous exhaustion by learning to enjoy all aspects and emerge out to be a better, happy and well-balanced individual.