How To Get Over Stress Incontinence

How To Get Over Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence is the result of an over stretched urethral opening. The opening loses its elasticity and urine escapes with increased abdominal pressure and it becomes difficult to control the urine from passing out. This happens predominantly when a person coughs, lifts heavy weights or does something that exerts pressure on the abdomen. Stress incontinence is a very embarrassing problem and it is best to first know the reasons that have caused this problem before we discuss how to get over it.

Some of the causes in women could be repeated childbirth, prolonged labor and it could be post menopausal also. Men may experience stress incontinence after a prostrate gland surgery. Besides excess consumption of alcohol, anti-depressants and sedatives could also aggravate the problem. Now having known some of the causes of stress incontinence it would be best to know all about how to get over this embarrassing problem.


Women experience this problem more than men. One of the best ways to get over stress incontinence is to apply estrogen creams  over the vagina region and also take a course of pseudoephedrine tablets. These remedies help to tighten the urinary sphincter. Injections of collagen given around the urethra region could also help. Besides these so called medical remedies that help to get over stress incontinence there are other natural remedies like Kegel exercises.

estrogen creams


Kegel exercises can be done anywhere and in any posture. These exercises tone the muscles around the urethra and could prove to be of great help to get over the distressing symptoms of stress incontinence. One can follow the following method while doing these exercises; squeeze the upper thigh muscles as if one is stopping oneself from passing urine. Do this for about ten to fifteen seconds and then relax for the same length of time. This exercise can be repeated for 20 to 30 times and done two to three times a day. One can forcibly contract one’s upper thigh muscles against resistance by compressing a pillow or cushion between the thighs. This can help to tone up the pelvic floor muscles and help get over stress incontinence.

Kegel exercises

However if none of these natural cures work one may have to undergo surgery to lift the prolapsed bladder, strengthen it and have an artificial sphincter inserted.  Hence stress incontinence can be cured and one can easily take the help of most of  these natural cures to get over the embarrassing problem.