How to Get Over the Fear of a Dentist

Most people have at some time or the other been afraid to go to the dentist. This fear may be based on their past experience or even the different instruments they find on the dentists table. Some may even fear the drill or root canal treatment that may have caused great discomfort. However one can easily get over the fear of a dentist.

The fear of going to a dentist may mostly depen d on the bad experiences one has had in the past. One could however try to find out a dentist one likes and can trust. One can easily inquire from friends and relatives about the various dental procedures one has undergone and also about the costs of the treatment. This could easily give one an idea about the cost involved. Besides the good experiences had by your friends and relatives could help overcome your fear too.

It is best to cultivate a mental attitude that your dentist is your friend and is out to help you. Think that he is out to give you a beautiful smile and not to harm you. This mind set will help you get over the fear of visiting a dentist. Make sure you go a dentist who is friendly and also has a friendly receptionist. This attitude could go a long way to make you feel comfortable. Talk out your fears with the dentist. Maybe then they would be in a better position to calm you and give you an extra dose of the painkiller or anesthetic.

It is also good to believe that there is very little pain associated with extraction or the surgical procedure. The dosage of the anesthetics given by injections is usually enough to last through the procedure and even longer. Also the nitrous oxide or laughing gas used mostly in surgical procedures usually helps to increase your pain bearing capacity and also to calm you. This is sure to help you get  over the fear of a dentist.

If one is undergoing a drill or filling procedure one could easily ask the dentist if he can use headphones. You could also request if you could use tapes. Some dentists have headphones and tapes, which you could use during your stay at the dentist. Besides it is best to practice relaxation techniques while visiting a dentist. One could inhale slowly and then hold it up to a count of ten seconds. Then one could exhale. This procedure can be carried on whenever one is tensed. One could also divert ones attention by listening to some music. The main purpose is to divert ones attention from what is going on in ones mouth.

To conclude all these steps will help one to get over the fear of a dentist.