How to get relief from ear infection

An excruciating pain in the ear can be unbearable more so when you don’t know the cause for the ache. It could be an ear pain, tinnitus (a ringing sound in the ears) or even partial loss of hearing. Herbal remedies offer solutions for instant relief. Ear infections can cause severe pain, itching, inflammation and even pus or fluid in the ear. There are numerous herbs that relieve ear infection.

Tea Tree oil is one such herb that helps reduce pain and infection in the ear since it has anti-bacterial properties.
A few drops of boiled and juiced dhatura leaves mixed with oil and heated a little are great ear infection relievers
Marigold leaves are known to be an effective herbal treatment for ear pain. Boil the marigold leaves and take out the juice and put 2 to 3 drops in the ear to reduce pain.
Oil of bay also cures ear infections
Bishop’s weed can be purchased from an herbal store or pharmacy and prepared as an eardrop to reduce swelling and pain in the ear. The preparation requires heating a teaspoon of bishop’s weed seeds in about 30 ml of milk. It can be used after filtering.
A very well known and common herb used against ear infection is the garlic that can be used by extracting its juice or using a garlic capsule and placing it on a cotton swab in the ear. This can be done for about half an hour everyday. Do remember though to not put the garlic or garlic oil directly into the ear. It could be dangerous!
Cloves sautéed in sesame oil and warmed can be used. 2 to 3 drops of oil two to three times a day will reduce pain.
The juice of the famous basil or tulsi leaves can be extracted and put into the affected ear. It really helps.
While herbs can be used for curing ear infections, a concoction of many herbs can achieve the same effect. Take for instance, pure almond carrier oil, lavender oil, chamomile oil and tea tree oil – mix them all well, warm it up and put a few drops inside the ear.

A diet high in vitamin A helps stimulate the auditory nerve too. So the next time that ear pain in tormenting you, don’t rush to the doctor. Patiently try out an herbal remedy instead.

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