How To Get Relief From Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is an illness that results from the intake of contaminated foods. It is a food borne disease. There are two types of food poisoning: i) food infection and ii) food intoxication.

food poisioning

Food poisoning can be a result of intake of foods that contains germs like bad bacteria or toxins that are poisonous materials. However, one can easily get relief from food poisoning. Here are some natural remedies for food poisoning.

Top Tips To Get Relief From Food Poisoning


Ginger is a useful remedy in food poisoning. One has to take small pieces of ginger, paste it and add butter milk to it. Consume this 2-3 times a day. It helps in giving fast relief from food poisoning. Ginger extract along with lemon juice also provides fast respite from vomiting, nausea associated with food poisoning. Again ginger tea is a good remedy for food poisoning and helps in stopping vomiting.



Bread has a tendency to soak up poison and thereby give quick relief to the individual concerned. If there is a case of food poisoning, one must intake some bread immediately to get quick relief.


Herbal Tea

Intake of herbal tea of mint, raspberry, chamomile and raspberry helps in giving fast aid from food poisoning.

herbal tea


Papaya is very useful in treating food poisoning. One has to cut raw papaya into small cubes and boil it in ½ glass of water for about twenty minutes. Then the mixture has to be strained and the individual suffering from food poisoning has to consume the drink at least thrice daily. This mixture has a cooling effect on the stomach and helps easily in treating the disease.


Cumin Seeds

One has to take an equal amount of cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds and powder them. Then this should be dissolved in a glass of water and drink it. It gives immediate respite to abdominal pain and vomiting. This powder can also be consumed with half cup of fresh curd and in a good remedy for treating food poisoning.


Basil Leaves

Three tablespoons of Basil leaf extract has to be taken and mixed with half cup of fresh curd. A little amount of black pepper and black salt is to be added to it and consumed 3-4 times a day. This mixture helps in relieving from body pain, vomiting and weaknesses of the body. It is a very useful remedy of food poisoning.