How to Get Relief From Sinus Headaches

Sinus Headaches

Sinus is a condition where there is severe nasal congestion and this leads to headaches. One must make sure that they take the appropriate treatment in order to avoid surgery. If the condition is beyond cure then surgery is inevitable. The first step in curing this condition is determining the cause of the illness. Normally the main cause of the condition is allergies and the most common place is your bed. Dust mites cause sneezing and in the long run leads to allergies.

Vitamin C

Your diet needs to compliment your condition. A diet that is high in Vitamin C will help to reduce allergies and cure the constant sneezing and headaches. Strawberries, oranges, cauliflower and gooseberry are great source of vitamin C. They are also high in anti oxidants and hence they are good for your body. Citrus fruits like pineapples are easy to digest and help to cure the sinus.

Black Pepper

If you have a nasal congestion then flavored green tea, tomato soup and lemonade serve the purpose. Add pepper to your food preparation and to your cup of tea as an aid to cure the congestion. Hot soups are always helpful and sipping on warm water occasionally help to cure the cold and reduce the formation of mucus. Avoid eating cold foods like smoothies and milkshakes and ice creams.


Use eucalyptus oil in an inhalation steam to control the sinus but one must make sure to use it sparingly. Add ginger to your tea to reduce the congestion and headaches caused by the sinus. You can also use a warm water compress on your head and legs at night before going to bed. This will help to prevent a headache in the morning.

You can also try using a hot compress on your forehead followed by applying the paste of dry ginger and milk. This will help to reduce the intensity of the headaches. You can also apply peppermint oil on your forehead at night.

Hot Compress

Before you go to bed make sure that you dust the sheets to get rid of dust mites. Once a week you must vacuum your mattress to get rid of any dust mites. Make sure that you sleep on clean pillows with clean covers.