How to Get Rid of a Body Rash with Simple Home Remedies

A severe inflammation on the skin is known as a body rash. If this inflammation is on the back then it is known as a back rash. The affected area looks red and may have a few boils on the area. There are several factors that cause a rash; allergies are the most common factor that causes these rashes.If you have a skin rash then you must be cautious as if you do not pay attention to it there are chances of it spreading to other parts of your body. Home remedies are the first solution to treating the infection; however if you do not notice any change in a few days then you must consult your doctor.

One of the safest ways to tame a rash is to apply Aloe Vera gel on the infection. The natural plant extract is known for its soothing properties and hence it is widely used in treatment of skin rashes. The extract may also be used on eczema prone skin.

Olive oil also provides relief to an itching rash. However if you are using the oil on your skin then you must ensure that you rub it gently and do not apply too much pressure as this may cause the skin to rupture and spread the infection.

If the rash is severe and has spread to several parts of the body then you need to draw a warm bath and add a cup of uncooked oatmeal to the water. Once you notice the grain of the cereal beginning to swell up you can soak yourself in the water. The natural starch in the oatmeal will help to reduce the itching sensation and also soothe the skin.

Cod liver oil and Vitamin E oil are effective agents that help to cure skin rashes. These oils prevent the spread of the infection and cure the rash. You will need to use the oil several times on your skin in order to soothe the rash.

Used chamomile tea bags also have a positive impact on your skin. Rub the tea bags gently on your skin in order to get immediate relief. You could also soak cotton pads in the tea and rub the cotton pads on your skin; the soothing herb will help to cure your skin and prevents the rash from spreading.