How to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes Effectively

3 Ways To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes Effectively

Many people suffer from dark circles around their eyes and bags under the eyes. As you grow older you too will sooner or later develop bags under your eyes no matter what your gender may be. The development of bags under your eyes is not dependant on your age. It could happen to anyone irrespective of age.

The factors that cause and affect the development of bags under your eyes are mainly lifestyle related. Busy work schedules, lack of sleep, being stressed out or being over worked could be some of the reasons that would caused bags to develop under your eyes. Other factors that could cause under-eye bags could be poor dietary habits, exposure to excessive sunlight and sometimes even allergies. Straining your eyes in front of a monitor or a television, reading in poor lighting conditions and sewing are some other causes for the development of under-eye bags. People have a common misconception that under-eye bags are caused or occur due to old age.


The prime factor that would affect under-eye bags is your sleeping habits. Younger people might be able to reduce and even get rid of their under-eye bags by changing their sleeping habits. Their under-eye bags might come and go and would be dependent on the amount of sleep that they get. A person who is well rested would not develop eye bags as compared to a person who sleeps inconsistently. There are a variety of products that have emerged that lay claims to be able to help cure this condition some of them even manage to do it however the same results can be obtained with the help of simple home remedies.

cucumber slices

To be able to treat under-eye bags it is important to first of all classify the type of under-eye bags that you have. There are various types of under-eye bags ranging from them being light or dark and puffy or droopy. These bags occur due to a build-up of fluid under the eye. As you grow older the under-eye bags tend to get darker and the skin also tends to become rough. This makes it difficult for them to be covered up with makeup. Slices of cucumber or potato chilled and placed over the eyes helps to soothe and reduce under–eye bags.

potato slices