How to Get Rid of Blackheads from Your Nose

If you have acne prone skin then there is a definite possibility of you having blackheads. These nasty black spots are very prominent especially when they are on your nose; this happens when you have an oily T- Zone. You may think that there are just a few and you need not worry about it but that is where you go wrong. The moment you notice these nasty little menaces you need to take precautions to avoid them spreading; else they will infest your entire face.

Trying to get rid of them by popping or squeezing them is the biggest mistake you could make because it will leave a scar and cause the pores to get enlarged. These blackheads are basically oils that collected in your pores; with time they tend to get discolored. Cleansing your face and flushing your system will help to get rid of these blackheads. In addition to this you must also make sure that your diet promotes healthy skin. However, you cannot expect to see miracles over night. Natural remedies to get rid of blackheads will show results only in time.

There are a few home remedies that you can try in order to get rid of the blackheads on your face and nose; these treatments are only temporary and you must take care when you are trying any treatment for the first time. Start with steaming your face; this opens the pores and helps to eliminate oils and dirt that get trapped deep into the skin. When you steam your face your pores will open; then rub a clean towel all over your face in order to remove the blackheads. You will be able to see them coming off. Do not rub too hard as you will damage your skin. You must rub an ice cube on the area later in order to close the pores.

Scrub your face with oatmeal and almonds once a week. This will ensure that your skin is clean and smooth. If the blackheads are visible and they are spreading rapidly then you must use warm honey on your nose and other parts of your face that are affected. The anti bacterial property of the honey helps to get rid of the blackheads. You could also make a paste with salt, sugar and lime juice. Rub this on your face and nose gently in order to eliminate the blackheads.