How to Get Rid of Chest Hair Safely

Earlier, man with hairy chest was considered macho and appealing. Things are changing now. The metro-sexual generation is giving thumbs down to chest-hair and making way for more chiseled physique with proper waxing and tanning. Every male model or hot-shot celebrities are unbuttoning their shirt and hence they are going for that sleek and stylish look rather than stone-age masculinity.

But nothing comes so easily. The process of removing chest hair can be extremely painful and hazardous for skin. If hair is not taken off safely, there might be skin rashes or irritation. Red patches and skin rashes are common hazards after the process. Some people opt for an easy and less painful solution to get rid of chest hair and shave them off. Shaving would have been a good solution if on the very next day; you don’t find stubble on your chest. It would have been still fine, if there is no itchy feeling after wearing clothes. Then what can be done to have a smooth chest for longer duration, along with maintaining proper care of your skin?

Waxing is a painful process. It makes chest smooth and sexy and it also takes longer time for the hair to grow back. You can buy a waxing kit and do it in your home. However, it is always recommended to visit an expert for the first time to avoid skin rashes and irritation. If only you are confident to pull it off at home safely, then only go for it.

If your chest is less hairy, you can opt for plucking option. This is definitely painful process and at the same time it is quite time consuming. Take a pair of tweezers and start plucking. Take a shower so that the root of the hair gets soften and then start the process. Massage your chest with a good moisturizer after plucking.

Chest hair can be removed using laser. This is a new concept and it is more effective to keep away hair from growing back for long period. This is definitely a costly solution and it is very time consuming too. An expert will damage the root of the hair and remove them. Next time when hair will grow, it will be much thinner than it used to be before the treatment.