6 Ways To Avoid Internal Parasites


There are different kinds of parasites that reside within our internal system, especially in the intestine and rectum region. They are harmful as they absorb the nutrients and blood from our body.

Ways To Avoid Internal Parasites


They cause severe pain and irritation in the stomach and other internal organs. Some of them are helminths and protozoa. However, you can get rid of them with the help of natural remedies:

Importance Of Fresh Vegetables And Fruits:

Fresh fruits and vegetables have best remedial properties for curing parasitic infections. You can consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in their raw form. Some of them like- carrots, coconuts, tomatoes, etc. have excellent destructive actions on parasites. You can even consume vegetable juices made of spinach, celery, cucumber, etc. These are rich in anti-oxidants and help in blood purification as well as in cleaning the intestine.

Fruits And Vegetables

Importance Of Seeds:

Seeds are also very effective in clearing parasites. Some of them are lemon seeds, pumpkin seeds and papaya seeds. You can consume some lemon seeds or lemon seed paste early in the morning in order to destroy the parasites.

Pumpkin seed oil is one of the safest products used for removing parasites. They can even be prescribed for children. You should consume them regularly in order to paralyze the parasites. As they do not kill the parasites, you will have to consume some castor oil afterwards in order to excrete the parasites. Papaya seeds contain papain enzymes, which are beneficial in flushing out the parasites from our intestines.

Pumpkin Seeds

Importance Of Natural Drinks:

Apart from fruit and vegetable juices, there are other natural drinks, which help in clearing the parasites. Some of them are:

 Spearmint juice can be mixed with black salt and lemon juice and consumed each day for best results. A cup of warm milk along with one tablespoon of castor oil can be taken for 7-8 days in order to remove all the parasites completely.

Spearmint juice

Another useful remedy is buttermilk or yogurt milk. This is a probiotic drink, which generates good bacteria within our system and therefore, makes the harmful parasites ineffective.Rice vinegar diluted with water can also be consumed daily to get similar benefits.


Importance Of Herbs:

Herbs are beneficial for curing any infection and suitable for most of the age groups. They can completely destroy almost all the parasites dwelling within our system without causing irritation. Some of them require special mention. These are garlic, cloves, savory, wormwood, turmeric, goldenseal, curled mint, etc.


Herbs like garlic and cloves can remove the parasites easily because of their strong aroma content and high anti-microbial properties. You can even add turmeric in your daily food in order to heal the infections. Savory is another important herb that is mostly consumed in the form of oil or tea. It kills the parasites and also ejects them out of the body by improving the digestion. Wormwood extract is generally not recommended for children and should be consumed only after diluting. Some other herbs like goldenseal and curled mint have mild cooling effects and thus, help in reducing the burning effect of the infection.