How To Get Rid Of Loose Skin


Losing weight can have its own repercussions. If you have managed to shed off your extra kilos or have lost weight due to health conditions or dietary control, then you may be worried about the loose skin on your arms, stomach or thighs.

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Having loose and sagging skin can lead to embarrassing situations – especially if you want to wear those sleeveless dresses or showoff your mid riff.

Getting Rid Of Loose Skin

Why Does Your Skin Become Loose After A Rapid Weight Loss Program?

The skin is a highly elastic organ which stretches along with age and changes in the body weight. Comprising of living cells, the skin has a tendency of changing shape as the body mass undergoes variations.

The layers of skin which are present under the epidermis(dermis and sub-dermis), contain elastic connective tissues, blood vessels, fibers and different components, which contract or stretch according to the treatment meted to them through external forces and factors.

Rapid weight loss programs prevent these layers from adapting to the quick changes in the body shape and size. The fat tissues which maintain the elasticity of the skin disappear after drastic weight loss and make the skin look flabby and loose.

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What Are The Different Causes Leading To Lose Skin?

Along with the effects of weight loss, dehydration, poor nutrition, excessive exposure to the sun and smoking can also lead to the loosening of the skin.


How Can You Tighten The Unappealing Loose Skin?

The rule of the thumb is: “Don’t panic!” It is important to note that the skin being a living organ will reshape itself on its own. The process may take a little time but you will soon find the looseness disappearing and the skin coming back to its normal form – which fits your shapely body much better than before. However, there are certain tips and measures which need to be followed to avoid loosening of the skin.

Remember Not To Lose Weight Too Rapidly

Rapid weight loss programs and a crash diet can lead to drastic reductions in the fat content of the body. Apart from toning up the muscles, harsh exercise regimes go a long way in shedding off the muscular structures which support the skin.

Instead of aiming for sudden and drastic loss in weight, it is better to target a loss of 1-2 pounds every week. This will prevent the skin from loosening up and sagging.

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Water is one of the most important ingredients for maintaining the elasticity of the skin. At least 2-3 liters of water should be consumed on a daily basis for keeping the skin tight and firm.


Proper Nutrition

Elastin and collagen are two important ingredients required for maintaining the tightness and elasticity of the skin. Food rich in proteins contain natural sources of the same and should be included in the daily diet. Legumes, cottage cheese, tofu, milk, seeds, beans, fish and nuts contain high levels of proteins.

Whether your weight loss program leads to a kangaroo pouch or a double chin- taking good care of the dietary regime and undertaking a healthy weight reduction program goes a long way in helping you evade loose skin and keep it looking healthy and firm.