How To Get Rid Of Scabies

Scabies are unpleasant skin ailments that are caused by ectoparasites called mites. These ectoparasites can also cause pediculosis. The mites hide away just below the surface of the skin of the individuals and lays their eggs.

The result is that the skin feels extremely itchy and there are small red blisters on the skin surface. Nodules can also be formed on the skin. These nodules can also be sore and hurting. Itching mostly during night time, blisters, pustules, red colored rash, nodules, inflammation of the skin, presence of tiny burrows on the skin surface etc are some of the common symptoms of scabies. Scabies can be taken care of through various ways and here are some of them:

Tea tree oil: Researches and studies have proved that tea tree oil is an excellent remedy and wonder oil for the mites and scabies. This essential oil is Australian oil and is used to kill scabies. The high valuable antiseptic essential oil has insecticidal properties and is extremely popular all over the globe.

It is totally safe oil and one can use it to fight off infections of the skin as well as to battle off the pores of the skin. About 10 drops of the oil can be used in the bathing water so that any harmful bacteria if present on the surface of the skin is killed and the usual glow returns back to the skin.

Good hygiene: Scabies are not only found in the body. The entire household needs to be disinfected and cleaned. Maintenance of good hygiene is the best way to keep off from scabies. The house should be cleaned regularly and the clothes, towels, carpets as well as the beddings are required to be washed frequently. All the toys, computers and the goods of the homes should be cleaned and washed properly.

Diet: Diet is also considered as useful and effective way of dealing with the scabies. Just change of diet is not enough for any individual who is mostly having bad diets. Garlic and onions should be included into the diet as both are well-known for their anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties.