3 Ways To Get Rid Of That Burning Sensation In Your Stomach

3 Remedies For Burning Sensation In Your Stomach

You are ready to go out to visit a friend in the evening when suddenly, your stomach starts paining like hell. You even get the feeling that your stomach is on fire. What could possibly be the reason? Is it something you had eaten for lunch? Has the pain and burning occurred before? Before you jump onto the allopathic bandwagon, pause and try out these home remedies.

The uncomfortable sensations that you feel are actually called acidity, hyperacidity or acid dyspepsia that is caused by excess secretion of acid by the gastric glands of the stomach. If you observe carefully, you will find that most of these symptoms occur one to four hours after a meal. The causes could be the effect of certain medications, too much of fried and spicy food, caffeine, smoking, alcohol, stress and even extra weight! The very first step towards treating acidity would be to have proper eating habits and try to avoid certain things that aggravate the condition.

Remedies For Burning Sensation In Your Stomach

·Mint juice or mint leaves boiled and taken after meals is an effective home remedy against acidity.

Mint Juice For Burning Stomach

·Coconut water is an excellent remedy to protect you against acidity. Take 4-7 glasses of coconut water if you are suffering from acidity.


·For those of you who relish a glass of cold milk, there can be no better immediate protection against that burning sensation in your stomach.

Coconut Water For Burning Stomach
·If you are sitting idle or even busy with work, just chewing some basil (tulsi) leaves helps.
·Gur or Jaggery taken after lunch or dinner is found to be a very effective home remedy for acidity.


·Many people usually do not walk that extra mile to cure themselves. Well! For such persons curd is a very good alternative and a tasty part of a meal. Just make a raita of curd, grated cucumber, tomato and fresh coriander. It helps in digesting your food and prevents acidity too.

·Almonds, buttermilk and lemon juice are some other easy home remedies for acidity.

Gur For Burning Stomach


The next time you get that burning sensation in your stomach don’t ignore it or wish it away. Both will not work. In fact, it could aggravate matters and you could land up with complications like peptic ulcer. Home remedies work out better because acidity can occur any time. So, try the remedies and take care.

Get Rid Of That Burning Sensation In Your Stomach