How To Get Rid of The Annoying Pain In The Tooth

Though you may sport a flawless smile you may have has a minor toothache at some point in your life. Just about everything that we put in our mouths can cause a pain in the tooth.

Eating cold desserts, drinking colas and not rinsing the mouth after the drink, sweets that are eaten at night and carbohydrates add to the factors that cause the pain. You need not run to the dentist every time you have a slight pain in the tooth; there are several remedies that you can avail of in the comfort of your home.

Garlic is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies in the battle of an aching tooth. Mix rock salt with garlic and place it on the aching tooth. The juices from the garlic along with e rock salt can help to reduce the tooth pain. Bite into the piece of garlic at night and you will wake up to a painless tooth in the morning.

In order to kill the pain causing bacteria you must munch on raw onions. Bite a piece of onion for 3 minutes. If you find the taste too strong you need not eat the onion; simply bite into it so that the juices flow through your mouth and kill all bacteria.

Lime is also extremely effective as a cure for toothaches and decays. The vitamin C in the juice keeps the teeth and the bones strong thereby preventing cavities, tooth aches and bleeding gums.

Cloves are the most commonly used herb in the cure of toothaches. You could either bite onto a clove or rub the oil onto the affected tooth in order to get rid of the pain.

In order to prevent a toothache you must watch your diet carefully. Restrict your sugar intake and eat plenty of raw fresh veggies. Also ensure that your diet is rich in whole grains and breads.