How to handle work-related stress

Stress can come anytime anywhere and if you are not prepared (which you aren’t most of the time) it can wreck havoc in your life. Most of us make the common mistake of allowing work related stress to seep into our personal lives sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously. So, what to do? Stress cannot be avoided but it can definitely be prevented to some extent.

Work related stress forces you to rush, making you be in too many places at the same time, doing work that could be postponed or avoided. If you find yourself in a similar situation often then you are definitely a victim of stress. Stress has this power to deprive you of precious time for yourself, your family and for all that you hold dear. All that you loved to do like reading a book, taking a walk suddenly or just chilling out so to say seems to have been sidelined by your work schedule. No wonder, you often land up feeling irritated, have a constant headache or a backache. Most of the time, you don’t even feel like eating either and just feel disinterested in life in general.

The best way to deal with stress would be to make time for you. Easier said than done. It is not an easy process. You need to prioritize tasks. Pause for a while from your daily work and do deep breathing exercises. It really helps. You can do this in your office itself. In the same manner, de stress your body as physical exhaustion can also increase stress. Do some stretching exercises or go for a small walk. Don’t talk business over lunch. Just blank your mind for sometime. You will feel relaxed. Sometimes, talking to a friend or a family member helps to flush all that anxiety out of your system.

Most importantly, never miss any meal. You need the proteins from the food to sustain your mind and body. Avoid too much alcohol, caffeine or nicotine. None of it helps. It only increases your stress levels. If you have tried everything and nothing works then consult a doctor. You could be suffering from depression.

Remember, carrying stress with you to meet deadlines could land you with heart problems, tension headaches or psoriasis. Not just that, all that you lived for in life could all go down the drain if you let stress remain untreated.