How to Handle Your Kids Stomach Aches

All children complain about stomach aches. Most parents tend to overlook these complaints and dismiss them as reasons that children make up to skip school or activities that they are not too fond of. However, you must ensure that you must not dismiss any signs of pain that a child complains of. Any tummy aches can be cured with ease and with the help of either medication or home remedies. If the child complains of a stomach ache then there is definitely going to be complaints of body ache, fever, back pain and general discomfort. This may also be accompanied by pain in the groin region and diarrhea. Appendicitis, stress, food poisoning and injuries are the common causes of the stomach aches.

If your children are in the infant or toddler stage then the best preventive measure is to breast feed the babies for as long as possible. This reduces the risk of any discomfort that can be caused to the child. In addition to this breast milk increases the child’s immunity and hence it is the best prevention against stomach aches.

Minimize the risk of older children suffering from stomach aches by enforcing hygiene into their routines. Washing of hands and mouths and faces before and after meals reduces the risk of contracting diseases by almost 70%.

If the child complains of an ache which is unbearable; then you must use a hot water bottle on the area to help to reduce the stomach ache. This also helps to calm the system and prevent further pain. Ensure that the child drinks plenty of water; if the child is unable to drink water then a sweetened beverage like a sports drink or a fruit juice must be offered to the child. There is no reason to panic if the child throws up all or part of the drink.

If the child does not feel any relief with a few hours then you must rush to the emergency room or call the child’s specialist. This is the best help you can offer your child at this point in time.