11 Tips To Heal Boils Faster


11 Tips To Heal Boils Faster

Boils are the commonly seen skin infection due to a bacteria namely staphylococci. Hair follicles of the skin and sweat glands are the mainly affected area. Boils can be acute or chronic based upon the time for which they last. Boils may be a symptom for any one of the underlying serious health problems

Boils are almost similar to acnes and hence they can be mistaken for pimples.Usually boils are localized to certain areas. Boils can be cured completely by following some of the below mentioned home remedies and diets.

Causes Of Boils

The bacterium namely staphylococci is one of the main causes of boils. These may enter the sweat glands and infect the area. Mostly people having diabetes, obesity, blood related diseases etc. are suffering from such skin infections.

Toxicity of the blood can also lead to boils which is another important cause for the boils. The toxic condition can be the result of improper intake of food items. Stress and anxiety can also increase the toxicity in blood.

Symptoms Of Boils

Small Reddish Is Symptoms Of Boils

Appearance of small reddish inflammations are the main warning signs of boils. The swellings may be itchy and irritating and even the surrounded area may turn red. A white spot is usually noticed at the centre of the boils which are filled with pus. Breaking of the boils may result in discharge of pus.

Home Remedies For Boils


as well as onion is proved to be excellent in curing boils. Applying freshly prepared juice of garlic or onion over the boils can be effective in ripening them and bursting them. Mixture of both juices in equal amounts can be also applied over the boils which will help in breaking and evacuating the boils.

Garlic For Boils

Bitter gourd

is one of the important home remedies for the boils. About 250 ml of freshly prepared juice of bitter gourd can be mixed with about 50 ml of lime juice and can be taken in the morning on an empty stomach and can be continued for a few days for better results of treatment.

Bitter Gourd For Boils


as well as milk cream is another significant home remedy in case of boils. A mixture of milk cream, vinegar and a little of turmeric powder can be applied over the boils which can very effectively ripen the boils and hence help in curing them.

Milk For Boils

Betel leaves

are known to be important in curing boils without making it septic. One or two betel leaves can be warmed over the flame till it gets softened. Application of a layer of castor oil over the boils can be valuable in the treatment. This can very effectively help in curing the boils.

Betel Leaves For Boils

Cumin seeds

are found to be very helpful in removing the burns permanently. A small amount of cumin seeds can be grounded along with water in order to make a paste. This paste can be applied over the burns which can effectively cure them.

Cumin Seeds For Boils

Neem leaves

are proved to be a valuable home remedy for the boils. Treatment using neem leaves as a poultice, liniment or a decoction with water can bring positive result in the treatments. A decoction can be made ready by boiling about 20 grams of neem leaves in 500 ml of water for 5 minutes. This decoction can be taken once in a day and can be continued for about a week.

Neem Leaves For Boils


is known to be a good remedy for boils and other skin infections. Parsley can be boiled in water till it softens and become juicy. This parsley when hot can be wrapped in a piece of linen and applied over the boils which can reduce them very effectively.

Parsley For Boils


can be considered as an effective remedy for boils which can help in curing them at a faster rate. A little of turmeric powder can be applied on the boils as a part of the treatments. Roots of turmeric can be dried and roasted to ashes. These ashes can be made into a paste with water and can be applied over the boils to cure them.

Turmeric For Boils

Warm water compresses

can be useful in the treatment of boils. Applying warm and soft compresses over the tender boils can help in curing them at a faster rate. A warm Epsom salt bath can be also taken as a part of the treatment for boils. Keeping a piece of tomato over the boils can be very helpful in curing the boils as citrus juice of tomato can treat them efficiently.

Warm Water Compresses For Boils

Raw Eggs

Applying raw egg yolk over the infected area is found to be beneficial in curing boils and other skin infections. Honey is a commonly used remedy for boils. Applying a small amount of honey over the infected areas can draw the puss of the swellings and hence can give relief from them.

Raw Eggs For Boils

Diet For Boil Prevention

Another most important way to cure the boils is to follow a proper diet. Orange juice can be beneficial in curing the boils. Orange juice can be diluted in water and can be taken once in a day. Other fresh fruit juices can be also added to the daily meals. The person suffering from boils should be provided with a well balanced nutrition rich food.

Whole grains, leafy green vegetables, protein rich food items, fruits etc. should be included in the daily diet of the person suffering from the boils. A nutrition rich diet is essential for the body immunity. Food items like cakes, pastries, chocolates etc. that are rich in refined carbohydrate and sugar should be avoided from the daily meal of the patient. Tea and coffee should be avoided as these can worsen the infection.

Diet For Boils


You should try to keep your body well cleaned and should care about using a medicated herbal soap. Healthy bowel movements are essential for the effective treatment for boils. Bowels can be kept healthy by taking a warm water enema once in a day. Following a healthy food habits and going for a regular exercise can be helpful in the treatment of boils.