How to Help a Person Who Cannot Exercise to Lose Weight

Some people may not be able to exercise due to severe lung conditions like asthma. However some improvement in the condition may help the person take up simple exercises like walking. A person who cannot do exercises must take special care to take a diet low in calories to lose weight. Besides, the person must try to be as active as possible to burn the extra calories.

The first main change that has to be made by one who cannot exercise is to stick to having 3 main meals and 2 snacks daily.  One should take a lot of protein foods. Vegetarians can take pulses, beans, skimmed milk, skimmed curds, and cottage cheese. If one is a non-vegetarian one can take egg whites, chicken, and fish.

It is best to avoid peanuts and coconut in one’s diet and minimize the use of oil and animal fats. It is also best to avoid high calorie foods like burger and pizza if one cannot exercise but wants to lose weight.

A person who cannot exercise but wishes to lose weight can take snacks like popcorn, fruits, high fiber biscuits, and steamed foods.  It is best to avoid chips and other fried snack items. It is also best to avoid taking aerated drinks, cakes, ice-creams, pastries and other sweets that contain a lot of sugar.

One should avoid buffalo milk and instead take skimmed cow milk. It is best to boil the milk at night and remove the cream in the morning before it is used for tea, coffee, curds and cottage cheese.  A person who cannot do exercise cannot lose higher calories.

Anyone wishing to lose weight can inculcate the habit of drinking about 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. This habit is good for the body, makes one feel full and also helps to flush off toxins from the body.

When one cannot do exercise eating a lot of fruits and vegetables could help to lose weight. Potatoes, beetroots, carrots and other tubers can be taken in place of a full meal. The same applies to high calorie fruits like banana, mango, grapes, chickoo and custard apples. The best juices that could help in weight loss without exercise are tomato, grapes and watermelon.

It is also best to avoid taking a lot of salt. Salt helps to absorb water better and aids weight gain. It is best to avoid the salt on the dining table while eating. Hence those who cannot exercise can get used to eating less of salt also.

I am sure one can lose weight even if one cannot exercise if one takes all the above mentioned tips regarding one’s diet.

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